Cleansing, clearing and charging

Day 5 of the “28 Days of Embodying the iAm”

Quote of the day:

“iAm free to make the decisions I want for my body.”

In today’s episode I get real and down into the intimate level with Kenneth, about creating reality at will. I also give you the recipe of three different ways you can inject alchemy at a practical level in your daily living, so you can create at your will, in your space. 

Cleansing bath:

I learned to make this concoction 24 hours prior to taking the bath, in order to allow the elements to mix.
You will need:
– 1 litre Jar
– 1 cup   Himalayan Bath Salt
– 10 drops Rosemary Oil
– 10 drops Lavender Oil
– 5 drops Sage Oil

Note: Make sure you do not eat anything heavy before your bath and don’t use any other substances in this bath. After the bath, instead of rubbing your skin dry, gently pat your skin and let the body air-dry naturally. Do not use any lotions and do not shower until the following day. Keep a clear and quiet space after the bath until you go to sleep. 

Preparations: Place the in the jar and add enough hot water to fill the jar. From now until you you’re your bath, turn the jar over occasionally, so as to help the salt dissolve.

Day of bath: Ensure the temperature at approximately 98 degrees Fahrenheit/36 degrees Celsius, and add the mixture when the bath is full. Clear the mind and open to the purification of your body and your space. Bathe for at least 40 minutes.

Clearing recipe:

You will need:
– 1 Bowl
– ½ cup Himalayan Bath Salt
– 5 drops Rosemary Oil
– 5 drops Lavender Oil
– 3 drops Sage Oil

Place the Himalayan Bath Salt in the bowl. Then add the oils and stir well. Use mixture to rub on the body in the shower. Be sure to get the areas where your lymph nodes reside (neck, underarms, by the pubic bone on each side of the legs, behind the knees, etc.) Move without rushing. Focus on releasing and clearing your body and energy field.

Charging recipe:

A great way to charge our energy field is to use crystals in your bath. (Be sure to only use crystals that can be used in water.) This is where I said in the video that I would let you do the research. Start out by introducing one crystal at a time, so you can get familiarized with the energy of that crystal, before introducing others. Remember this is an exercise on developing a sensitivity to the Life Source of that being.

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